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We arrange to meet with key leadership to include board, management and medical staff who will be involved in the recruitment of the position. We suggest a key contact person be designated to arrange these meetings for us. We will coordinate meetings and maintain regular communications with this contact person throughout the search process.

The purpose of these scheduled meetings is to assess the expectations of your organization’s key leadership involved in the search. Following these meetings, we will write a report outlining the goals, objectives, expectations and specifications communicated to us. We will share this information with you and answer any questions you may have concerning its content. We will communicate any issues that may become problems as the search progresses. Once the assessment is completed and the search specifications adopted, the report will be used as a guideline in conducting the search.

We will research candidates in a number of ways, but our primary contacts will be through an established network of healthcare professionals throughout the country who will refer interested and qualified candidates for the position. Once candidates have been identified and appropriately screened through an in-person and/or recorded internet-based video interview, a meeting will be scheduled with the search committee to review candidates. We will discuss each candidate’s background, experience and personal characteristics, and share with you a Videoview® (videotaped summary) for each candidate interviewed.

At this candidate review meeting, you will have an opportunity to ask questions about the candidates. The goal of the meeting is to select candidates for onsite interviews with your search team. We will work closely with you to insure coordination of schedules and the process for candidate interviews. Once candidates have had their initial interview, we will work to facilitate the selection of one or two finalists for further interviews. Comprehensive professional references will be obtained and submitted in writing prior to candidates' final interview. Additionally, academic degrees will be verified.

We will assist you to make sure the interview process goes well for each candidate, thereby maximizing the likelihood for a successful search. We will share salary information on the candidates and help prepare you and the final candidate for compensation discussions. Our goal is to give you the information needed to make the appropriate compensation offer and maximize the chances the final candidate is prepared to accept that offer. We will assist you in the compensation negotiations when necessary.